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Passports and Visas for Nepal

To enter Nepal on a tourist visa, you must pay in cash upon entry, so you will need to carry the funds on your person. You will require at least six months validity and a full blank page in your passport when you enter Nepal, as well as a passport-sized photo. There are booths for taking these pictures at Kathmandu airport, but if you are coming by another method of transport you should bring this photo with you (and as you will need these photos for your trekking permit, you should bring them anyway). Current prices for visas are as follows:

15 Days - 25 USD
30 Days - 40 USD
90 Days - 100 USD

Note that the equivalent prices can be paid in currencies other than USD. For full details on getting your visa to Nepal, and to check whether your country has exceptions, you can visit this website.


Travel Insurance

We require proof of travel insurance before you depart for your trek. Many policies found online will be limited to 4,000 metres, so you must check the policy conditions before purchasing if your trek will exceed this altitude. There are some policies that require you to pay for evacuation up?front and reimburse you when you leave, and this can cost around 5000 USD, so you should read the fine print before taking out a policy. Also note that you will only need the policy to cover the dates that you are actually trekking.

While we have no official recommendations, our customers have been more than pleased with services such as WorldNomads, Travelguard, CompareTheMarket, Squaremouth, and Allianz.


Additional Costs

Our trips include most of the costs you will see on your trip, but they do not include:

  • Flights to/from Kathmandu
  • Nepali entry visa
  • Accommodations or other expenses incurred while in Kathmandu (if you stay before/after your trek)
  • A tip for the guide/porter (traditionally a minimum of 10% of the trip total)
  • Expenses at the tea houses like WiFi, hot showers, battery charges and bottled water (you'd be wise to purchase water purifications tablets in Kathmandu for around $2.00 to save money).
  • Equipment rental such as down jackets and sleeping bags (around $20 each) and other equipment you may want to buy like walking sticks (available locally for a wide variety of prices, dependent on quality).
  • Unforeseen costs due to flights delays, adverse weather, etc., that result in your party having to stay in Kathmandu for additional days (although we can recommend many affordable hotels).


Flight Delays in Lukla/Kathmandu

There is a reliable service between Kathmandu and Lukla but this will sometimes be cancelled if the weather conditions would make passage unsafe. When this happens, you will often have to fly out the next day - you will often be able to make up the time and finish on schedule, but we are not liable for extra costs that come as a result of this.



We require a deposit of 10% in advance of the trip and the rest is payable upon arrival. You may pay by cash or card; please note that the banks will add around 13% if you pay by card so cash is more economical. Prices are shown in US dollars, but you may pay in Euros or local currency if you prefer. The exchange rate will be determined based on that day's rate according to (Nepal Rastra Bank).


Cancellation Policies

If something comes up and you have to cancel your trip entirely, please let us know as soon as possible and we will refund you any and all money that has not already been spent. Expenses such as air travel to Lukla are unfortunately non-refundable for us, but you will only lose this part of your deposit (around 10% of the total cost) if we have already booked your ticket.


Refusal of Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to customers either before or during the trek. Heavy drinking, physical violence, or behaviour that is disrespectful/offensive to staff/fellow travelers will be grounds for termination of service at any time.


Acceptance of Terms

By making a deposit, you accept our terms of service. If anything in unclear, feel free to contact us here.


Any Questions?

If you have any questions at all, regarding travelling to Nepal, the best places to stay, any concerns you have about the trek, or even just the best way to celebrate when you get back to Kathmandu, please get in touch. We'll handle the boring bits so you can focus on having a great adventure.